Applications and Solution Sets

  • CallCapture - Call Recording Solution

    Record, monitor, store and archive calls with CallCapture. This robust component provides a complete solution to ensure all calls are recorded and stored in a compressed format on the server's hard drive. The solution processes conversations unattended, and allows for convenient backup and retrieval of voice recordings.

    CallCapture includes a feature-rich graphical interface, flowchart-based call rules definition environment, customizable search capabilities, provides real-time agent observation and recording,variable speed playback with pitch-shifting, advanced reporting options, archiving application, and many other valuable tools.

    CallCapture components include:

    • Reviewer / Port Listener
    • Port Configuration
    • Archiver
    • Monitor & Server
    • Scheduler
    • Agent Manager

    CallCapture Features:

    • Provides real-time agent observation and recording
    • Monitor and record voice and radio calls
    • Capture fax transmissions with add-on module
    • Support for both trunk and station-side recording
    • Listen in live remotely via TCP/IP
    • Logging with caller ID, ANI and agent information
    • Support for most popular PBX systems
    • LAN/WAN accessible
    • Extensive search and filtering capabilities
    • Management and audit reports
    • Highly compressed voice files for standardized file retrieval and review
    • Variable speed playback with pitch-shifting
    • Visual scheduler
    • Support for ANSI standard SQL databases
    • Scheduling and filtering of available ports based on call rules
    • Support for Ai-Logix SmartTAP voice cards
    • May be archived to any digital media
  • Integrated Conferencing - Team Gathering

    TeleFlow ConferenceRelay is ideal for both business and entertainment. Offering on-demand, unattended, or operater-assisted conferencing, this solution may be customized and added to otherTeleFlow solutions or as a stand-alone product. ConferenceRelay can accommodate up to 64 participants per conference, and the number of active conferences is limited only by hardware resources. When combined with Web Conferencing, a visual channel is available to augment audio conferencing.  
  • TeleFlow - Voice Application Development Suite

    Core Technology- TeleFlow Voice Application Development ToolkitCommunication systems built with TeleFlow are versatile, packaged solutions which significantly lower the cost and time needed to implement enhanced communication solutions. TeleFlow Designer's flowchart development environment offers the flexibility to build new, or further enhance pre-built solutions.

    All TeleFlow solutions are built on the TeleFlow Voice Application Development platform, which removes the complexity of creating advanced telephony solutions by encapsulating complex functions into simple-to-understand, representative icons. TeleFlow applications are created by clicking or placing icons to form flowcharts. This "see everything" development approach helps to make the resulting voice application understandable, straightforward to work with, and manageable.

    The TeleFlow development environment is an ideal method for creating and deploying voice applications as it provides developers a methodology that works, and readily adapts third party technologies as they become available.

    Please visit for full details.  
  • MedicalRelay - Solutions for Patient Interaction

    TeleFlow MedicalRelay is a specialized solution for doctors offices and clinics which automates the communication with patients within a user-friendly, automated and customizable environment. Patients will appreciate the ease and efficiency of obtaining test results and prescription refills, as well as confirmation and automated rescheduling of appointment times, while staff will be more productive and organizations will reduce costs.

    Please visit for full details.

  • StaffRelay - Solutions for Staff Interaction

    For information about our Employee Absence Notification, Personnel Replacement, Vacations Scheduling and Worker Safety applications please visit There you will find product overviews and brochures.



  • Hosted Solutions - Managed by engenic

    TeleFlow hosted solutions are available on-demand, and require no hardware or software deployment. These solutions reduce cost and improve productivity by automating many common business communications. Our hosted solutions include trial applications, as well as web interfaces for quick setup and immediate use.

  • Integrated Solutions - Development by engenic

    engenic is a full solutions development company. By utilizing our venerable TeleFlow voice applications and web platform, we can utilize any software application built in TeleFlow since 1994 along with corresponding web applications, to build fully integrated and secure communications systems which help people connect with people.

  • Forums - Developers Helping Developers

    TeleFlow Developers Network, or TFDN, is a series of web pages and web resources created to enable developers to adopt and share information for their development needs.

    Please visit TeleFlow Forums for full details.